26 May

WolfPack Pays Slots vs Wolf Run Slots

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In a mood to do nothing except sit and howl? Then, you are in good company if you decide to join our furry wild friends in the Wolfpack pays slots and Wolf Run slots. Here, we will take a look at the two slots to see why these slot games are so popular among online casino players today.

Run With the Pack of Wolves at Wolfpack Pays Slots

The Wolfpack pays slots feels like a journey into the wilderness as it allows you to come shoulder to shoulder with the wolves as you join their pack in your search for big wins. The sceneries used in the game are as realistic as they come, offering you panoramic views of mountains and wildlife that you would expect to see here as you play.

This online slots offers you 243 ways to win the game and the bonus features aren’t too many in the slot game, as well. The main draw to this game is the free re-spins that the game offers every time you get a winning payline. What’s more, these re-spins have the chance of attracting stacked wilds, so you know you are in for even more amazing payouts if you are lucky.

Getting Paid for Running with Wolves

Which brings us to the Wolf Run slot game, which is also made by the same game developer, IGT games. This feels like a much simpler slot game as it is the predecessor to the Wolfpack pays slots. The game offers you some pretty standard symbols and feel to the overall interface. The bonus features are slightly more in this game, so there is that.

For one thing, you have free spins that are triggered, but you can only get five of these when you play the game. During these free spins, you have the chance of attracting stacked wilds, so that certainly makes for some interesting gameplay. The one main attraction that this game has is the potential to win big on that rare lucky spin, and it is in that hope that players are drawn to this game.

Which Wolf Gang will You Choose?

While both the Wolfpack pays slots and the Wolf Run slots games offer you some beautiful sights and sounds, and wolf symbols, it is hard to pick a favourite. Both of them seem fairly low on bonus features and are medium variance slot games, which mean there is something in it for both conservative players as well as the high rollers of slot games.

The chance to get a whole series of respins gives the Wolfpack pays slots a slight edge over its older brother, while the chance to win big is what makes the latter a big hit with online players. We think you should take a chance at playing them both, because you never know which one will help you strike it big as you play. And hey, both of them will give you the chance to say that you are part of the wolf pack, and who wouldn’t like that?!