28 Mar

Understanding the Payouts in Mobile Online Slots

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An important part of playing any sort of mobile online slots is figuring out just how much you stand to win! This can be difficult if you are not used to the way slots work and have not played them before. Read on and know how payouts work in mobile online slots.

Return to Player Percentage

One of the best ways in which you can figure out how much a mobile online slots will be able to pay you is by checking the return to player percentage, or RTP, of the slot game. The RTP is usually featured on the casino site where the game is hosted, and is a measure of how often the slot game has paid out to users in the past. If a slot machine has a high payout percentage, it will probably mean that you will have to wager higher on the game before you can see any returns on it. On the other hand, a lower payout percentage means that your wagers will also be lower. You can figure out how you want to tackle this particular aspect when you decide if you want to play for less or more cash.

Line Multipliers

Whenever you make a winning payline on mobile online slots, you will get a return payout that is equal to the wager multiplied by the high paying symbols on the reels. You can therefore use the game’s paytable to figure out how much you are likely to get on a winning payline by taking a look at how many of the game’s high paying symbols have made up your winning payline to calculate it. If you make a winning payline that uses the wild symbol of the game, you stand to increase your payout, because the wild symbol has a certain multiplier value attached with it that can further increase your payout once you make a winning payline.

Free Spins and Game Bonus Features

After all this, you also stand to increase your payout if you throw in some free spins, which are triggered by scatter symbols, or the game’s bonus features. A lot of games offer wager multipliers on their free spins, which give you a higher payout if you manage to make a winning payline during a free spin. You also find that you can get higher payouts when you are playing a bonus feature of the game. This can include a mini game within the game, or some sort of interesting side feature of the game, or it can be an event in which you get random rewards, such as wager multipliers or other features. This is worth playing in the game, too.