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Types of Online Slot Games

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Slot players sure do enjoy a lot of privileges at casinos these days. There are several different types of casino slots online have come up for players to keep up their spirit going and enjoy depending on what they are looking for in an online game.

What Are The Different Types of Casino Slots Online?

Many slots game players fail to understand the different types of casino slots and hence the joy of playing slot games to the fullest are restrained. Here is list of different types of online slot games which gives you a clear picture.

Classic Slots

Classic slots are those that usually consist of a single reel. You just have to line up the 3 symbols on the single reel so that you can win. Nowadays classic slots can also consist of as many as three reels, but they can still be played on the same basis of lining up the reel symbols so that a winning payline can be made. These are the easiest to play but can be tricky to win.

Big 5 Slots

Video Slots

When you are playing casino slots online, you’ll find that there are a lot of video slots available online. The video slots always feature five reels so that there is a possibility of more winning paylines to be made. There’s also a lot of special effects and animations that are included on video slots so that they are more fun to play. The main point is to have the slots a lot like the classic slots but to make it more enticing to play so that there’s more to win.

Jack Hammer 2 Slots

Multiplier Slots

Multiplier slots allow you to have a wager multiplier on each of the bets that you place on a winning payline. With these slots there is no need for you to place a huge wager as even a minimum wager will let you multiply your winnings by a certain amount, which is great because that way you can win more.

Thunderstruck Slots

Bonus Feature Slots

The best type of casino slots online that you can play are those that are packed with bonus features. These can be a whole lot of different types that get triggered by a certain set of symbols being lined up on the reels. There are several great bonus features that games can play, including mini game features that can help you win even more payouts, even letting you play and wager even more.

Guns N Roses Slots

Bonus Multiplier Online Slots

These types of slots offer a bonus only if you play a maximum bet on the spin. This is a great way to maximize your winnings as well as a bet.

Drive Slots

Progressive Online Slots

If you really like to win big and you don’t mind shelling out quite a bit of cash in the effort, you should play progressive casino slots online. These have a progressive jackpot that pools in money from various casinos, and these can then be played for by various players.

Subtopia Slots