25 Jul

Types of Online Baccarat Bets

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Are you new to Baccarat? Then, you are at the right place! Opting for online Baccarat bets is no joke, because the type of bet you choose decides your fate. Online players often do not take this part seriously and keep on trying their luck without realizing how much they are actually losing on! It is time to stand out in the crowd with all the knowledge you can get about types of online Baccarat bets.

There Are Three Types of Online Baccarat Bets

With only three bets to choose from, Baccarat is one of the easiest games to play. But while choosing these bets, it is advisable that you pay attention to the house commission and house edge. The three types of online Baccarat bets are – Banker, Player, and Tie. All three of them have their unique spot on the betting table with their respective pay offs.

  1. 1. Banker Bets

This type of bet is the most popular one among players, and why shouldn’t it be? It offers flattering third card rules and, of course, lowest house advantage. The odds of the banker hand having a value closest to nine, or even nine, are the highest. And because of this, the commission charged is also the highest. So, always keep the commission amount in mind, as at the end of every shoe or when you leave the table, the commission charge will be deducted. It is, of course, not a favourable situation to be in where the player will not have enough funds to pay the commission.

  1. 2. Player Bets

If you have understood the Banker bet, understanding Player bets will be easy too. Player bet is basically the opposite of the Banker Bet. You may have the highest house advantage here, but the odds are slightly less favourable. The player hand is also the one that has to act first.

  1. 3. Tie Bets

This bet is seldom used by wise gamblers. And the reason is pretty much clear; Tie bets are not that great when it comes to odds. The payoff is also 8 to 1, which is way higher than the other bets. The house advantage goes above 15%, and thus, is a great put off. The chances of player and banker hands having the same value are rare, and you may go for Tie bets only if you are confident about your luck!

Now that you know about the three types of online Baccarat bets, you might have also chosen the one that suits you. Baccarat is an amazing casino game to play, and the experience gets even better at Jackpot Mobile Casino!