16 Jul

Top 5 Split Tips on Online Blackjack

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Before playing Blackjack for real money, one ought to have an online Blackjack strategy. It is not new to any Blackjack player that having a reliable strategy is important. Blackjack is not merely a game of luck, but a lot depends on how the player strategizes.  And the tricky part only begins with SPLITS. Choosing to split or not can be very tricky, but if you keep in mind the below-mentioned tips, it can be easier for you to decide.

Tips on Splitting as a Part of Your Online Blackjack Strategy

Split simply means that the player can split the cards in hand into two separate bets if they get two same value cards. But when is the good time to actually do it? Read the below 5 tips to plan out a better online Blackjack strategy.

  1. 1. When you get two 10s

Since the aim of Blackjack is to get a total of 21 or as close to it, having two 10s is probably the best. So, never split it and stand at them. The chances of you winning this deal will be very high because it will be hard for the dealer to crack this.

  1. 2. When you get two 4s

Four is a relatively low-value number. The chances of crossing the total of 21 are nil, because even if you get an Ace, the total will be 19. 19 is definitely a good total to have, and so it is advised to never split two 4s.

  1. 3. When you get two 5s

Splitting two 5s is never a good option. Even if you get high-value cards, the chances of landing between 18 and 21 are high. If you split this combination, then you will either land up on a weak hand or will be bust out.

  1. 4. When you get two Aces

Now, this is a really important online Blackjack strategy. If you get two Aces in hand, always split them up. If you stand on this, you will be stuck with a low-value of 12, and if you hit, the chances of crossing the total of 21 will be high. But, if you decide to split, you will have two hands with four ways to reach 21 on each hand with a 10, Jack, Queen or a King.

  1. 5. When you get two 8s

Split, split, split. There is no other way out. Getting a total of 16 in hand is possibly the worst case you can ever face. Split it and increase your chances of getting a better second card on both the hands. Standing on 16 is not a good idea, nor is dealing another card.

Having an online Blackjack strategy for splitting is a good idea. Many players often ignore the option to split and end up losing more. So, be wise and play strategically!