29 Aug

Top Online Baccarat Betting Systems

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Baccarat is a simple-to-play card game in which a win is largely dependent on the luck factor. However, there are various online baccarat betting systems which aid to place a safe bet and help in determining the correct strategy to play the game. Let us look at them one by one.

Popular Online Baccarat Betting Systems

Top Online Baccarat Betting Systems
  1. 1. The Martingale system: One of the of the online baccarat betting systems simplest yet highly risky betting system. Here your bet is doubled every time whether you win or you lose. The maximum bet is capped at € Suppose you place the first bet for €10 and you lose it. Next time, you will have to place a bet of €20. If you lose it too, you now place a bet for €40. Suppose you win it. Hence, you win €80 and win all your money back. If you keep on winning each bet starting from the first bet and reach €500, your game crashes and you lose everything that you have won. Hence, the risk associated with this game. People have lost thousands of Euros while playing this game, therefore, you should be very sure to keep on playing.


  1. 2. Labouchere betting system: One of the online Baccarat betting systems in which a series of games is considered, instead of a single round. Hence, we have a chain of bets here. For eg: We can employ a 1-1-4-5 Labouchere chain. First, you place a bet for €1. If you win, you again place a bet for €1. If you win again, you get a total of €4. Now, you place a bet for €5. If you win this one, you get €10. Here, the logic is to get a sum of €10 or €100.This is definitely an interesting system to play with.


  1. 3. 1-3-2-6 betting system: This system is one of the most popular Labouchere chains. The only disadvantage here is that this system relies too much on the luck factor. For example, you place a bet for €10 and you win it. You get € You add €10 and place a bet for €30. If you win it, you earn €60. You now need not bet for the entire €60. You can keep €20 out of it and bet for remaining €40. If you win it, you get €40 and you can accumulate up to €100. You have to complete the chain before you can get a payout. If you lose in between, you have to start all over again from €10. This system though risky, yet it is still better than the most of the online Baccarat betting systems.

Thus we can see that we can play with any of the variation of the various betting systems. But, certainly a winning is never guaranteed as far as gambling is concerned. However, playing with these online Baccarat betting systems is quite entertaining and a great way to pass the time. Know how the types of bets work and play online Baccarat and win well with these betting systems.