25 Apr

Top 10 Most Popular Online Slot Games Themes

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Mobile slot games are filled with fun themes that make playing them loads of fun. There are different themes created to suit different players.

Role of Themes in Mobile Slot Games

Players subconsciously relate themselves to the slots. Some play adventurous slots because they feel their wins should be the adventurous one. Some love animals and hence play animal-themed slots, some fancy sports and hence play sport-themed slots and so on. Here are the top ten most popular themes for mobile slot games:

  1. 1. Fantasy: There are several slot games that cater to the fantasy theme, in which you have mythical beasts of yore battling it out on the reels. A good example is the Dracula slot in which you have to assist the prince of darkness as he goes on a rampage.


  1. 2. Mythology: Slot games of the mythological genre are about the ancient legends about stories of heroes and goddesses. One of the most popular mythological mobile slot games is the Medusa game and the sequel Medusa II slots, which are based on the legend of Medusa, who had hair made of snakes and could, turn people who looked into her eyes into stone.


  1. 3. Magic: In this theme, you will find slot games in which there is a magical flavour, so that you can charm some good paybacks out of the reels. An example is the Magic Portals slot game, in which you have a magic portal that gives you more bonuses.


  1. 4. Adventure: Adventurous Mobile slot games are those in which you can go on an adventure to track down riches, such as Gonzo’s Quest, in which you accompany Gonzo on his quest to find the ancient city.


  1. 5. Colourful: These are games in which there is a lot of colourful symbols on the reels, which make you feel like spinning them as you stay enraptured. Dazzle Me is one such slot game, in which you stay hooked to the pleasant colours on the reels that truly dazzle you.


  1. 6. Funny: Funny mobile slot games are those in which you have a comical central character. Doctor Love and Doctor Love on vacation are two slots that were based on a funny comic character and are very amusing to play, as well.


  1. 7. Animals: These slot games are based on animals, like the Cash Stampede game, and also has several great bonuses you could win.


  1. 8. Ancient times: Slots like Pyramid Quest for Immortality are games in which you can be transported back to ancient times in history and still play an interesting game for money.


  1. 9. Sports: Sports slot games are ones based on a particular sport, which is great if you are a fan of that particular sport. The Argyle Open slot game is based on the game of Golf, which is what makes it so interesting to play, particularly if you like playing golf.


  1. 10. Bumper prizes: Bumper prize games are ones in which there are huge bonuses available to play for. An example is the Super Graphics Upside Down slot game, in which you can have amazing bonuses if you trigger the right symbols on the reels, with great potentials to win thousands of times your wagered amount.