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Top 10 Cool Facts About Lemmy of Motorhead

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The iconic frontman, Lemmy Kilmister, from the very popular English rock band Motorhead, passed away on December 28, 2015, just two days after he was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. He was seventy years of age at that time. He was no usual man; he was a legend in himself. He gave the foundation of the heavy metal genre of music.

Top 10 Cool Facts About Lemmy of Motorhead

Cool Things About the Motorhead Icon

  1. 10. ‘Lemmy’ the documentary

There is a movie based on Lemmy Kilmister’s life that portrays the life of the rock musicians and the rock music. This film was shot for over three years in United States and several European countries.

  1. 9. Not just a musician but an actor as well.

He has also made appearances in many movies such as Eat the Rich, Airheads and much more. Even though his role in these movies was very short but nevertheless he was very well an actor.

  1. 8. Jack Daniels, Coke, and Lemmy

To pay homage to Lemmy, his fans wanted to rename his all time favourite drinks to his name after his death. Therefore a petition was started in the regard and is still ongoing.

  1. 7. The Rockin’ Vickers

In 1963, he formed his first band and called it The Rockin’ Vickers. Therefore, his music career existed way before the formation of Motorhead.

  1. 6. ‘Overkill’ – The band’s first break

At the age of 30, Lemmy formed the Motorhead. But the band didn’t gain immediate popularity. It took them five years and with the release of their album ‘Overkill’ in 1979, the band became a known name.

  1. 5. Bass guitarist in Hawkwind

Apart from Motorhead, Lemmy was also part of Hawkwind as a bass guitarist in the band. He was asked to leave the band when he was arrested at the Canadian – U.S border.

  1. 4. A unique microphone position

He held the microphone at a much higher position than himself. This way his view was focused more on the roof instead of the audience.

  1. 3. An inspiration for video games

In 1992, the video game called Motorhead was launched whose main hero was Lemmy himself. He appeared as an unlockable icon in a video game called Guitar Metallica released in 2009.

  1. 2. Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy were close

His fellow rock singer Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy formed a deep friendship. They first met in the Unites states when Lemmy was not a known name. At a time when Lemmy hadn’t seen much money in his life, Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, offered him a generous amount of money for writing a couple of songs. This was the beginning of a friendship that was there to stay for the lifetime.

  1. 1. His real name is not Lemmy

Lemmy’s full and real name is Ian Fraser Kilmister. Though he never accepted who gave him the nickname Lemmy but his acquaintances claim that it came from ‘lemmy’ instead of ‘lend me’ whenever he loaned some money to play slot games.