21 Jun

Playing Online Scratch Cards Games

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Do you remember those scratch cards that we used to get from the local shops? Yes, those which had the silver panel on them which we would scratch with a coin to reveal what prize we have won. They are back again in an all new avatar, which is far better than their original. We are talking about online scratch cards. If technology has taken over most things, then why not scratch cards? Online scratch cards are the advanced version of those silver panel scratch cards. The procedure is the same, here and there, but the online version has the capacity to offer much more than a simple silver panel.

Playing Online Scratch Cards Games

How to Play Online Scratch Cards Games?

You will not have to use a coin to scratch off the silver panel here because this is your own touch screen device here! Online scratch cards are available on Jackpot Mobile Casino and can be accessed from any smart phone or tablet, just like slot games and casino games. Here, you unveil the card by gently rubbing over it on your touch screen devices, and a 3×3 grid platform is revealed. It will have 9 symbols on it, and if you are lucky, you might win from 3 or more matching symbols on the grid.

What you win depends on the symbols you get on the grid. If the winning combination is formed with high-value symbols, the prize you get will be comparatively high than other regular symbols. Also, some scratch card games offer Free Games feature. In this feature, when you get three or more of a certain symbol, you get free games. For example, in Foxin’ Wins Scratch, you get 5 Free Games every time you get 3 golden pot symbols on the grid.

Strategies for Online Scratch Cards

It may disappoint you to know that there are no strategies when it comes to scratch card games. These are based on pure luck, and there is nothing you can do about it! But, you can definitely increase your chances of winning if you play smartly. Read the tips given below:

  • Check the claimed odds of the scratch card game you play. This is essential because there might be some games with lower odds, and you do not want to waste your time and money on them. Pick those games which offer better winnings odds. The only reason we can see for choosing those with lower odds is the entertainment factor. But does entertainment come over money for you?
  • If entertainment is the priority for you, then look for the scratch card games with the best animations and latest HD graphics. There are chances you might stumble upon a game that offers bonus features or games!
  • Money management. Well, one of the most boring tips anyone can give is about managing your money. But still it is the most important one as well. Decide in advance how much you are going to spend on scratch cards, and how many games are you willing to play. This helps in better money control as scratch cards can be addictive!
  • Always buy scratch cards for cheap. While it may attract you to buy expensive ones, because the odds of winning in them are high, but if you buy them cheap, you get to play more games!

These are just the basic tips and tricks you can use while playing online scratch cards games. In reality, it is pure luck! So, go ahead and try your luck on them!