19 Sep

Play Mega Ball Action Bingo at Jackpot Mobile Casino

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Mega Ball Action Bingo is a brand new, action Bingo game developed by the online gaming software developer Spin Games. This game has been exclusively designed for the gaming company Nektan. This is one of the four Bingo games that have been developed by Spin Games.The game has just been released on 1st of September 2016.

Lot of Action in Mega Ball Action Bingo

Mega Ball Action Bingo game is not same as the regular online version of Bingo that you play on desktops/mobile. In those games, you are playing against other online players. But here, you play against the house. Like any online slot game, here your aim is to land as many winning combinations as you can and hence make the maximum payout.

Play Mega Ball Action Bingo at Jackpot Mobile Casino

This action-packed game is played with not one, or two, or three but four bingo cards. When you start playing, the balls quickly release and you make winning combinations on your cards. Since you are playing with four cards all at once, your chances of landing a win in this Bingo game with 90 balls is pretty decent. To make some quick cash, all you have to do is to match the winning combinations as per the paytable of the game.

Extra Features For Extra Wins

If you are so close to winning and need a few extra numbers, there is no need to worry. You can buy up to an additional of ten balls with the Xtra ball feature. This super smart version of the Bingo game is far different from the Bingo played in the traditional Bingo halls. This game is made completely fast-paced with the quick draw feature and the auto-daub feature. The first feature draws the balls quite quickly and the latter one auto daubs the card with the winning numbers.

Are you a Bingo lover? If yes, Mega Ball Action Bingo is a must play. If no, this game is surely going to make you one.