07 Apr

Online Blackjack v/s Land-based Blackjack

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Over the past decade there has been an increase in gamblers playing online Blackjack instead of heading to a land based casino to play the game. The reasons for this are many: the easy accessibility of the Internet and the increase in Internet enabled mobile devices have lead to more people being online, which is why online casinos have opened up shop to cater to this growing market. Let’s take a look at how playing online Blackjack is different from playing land-based Blackjack and which is better.

Playing Online Blackjack

When you are playing online Blackjack, there are certain advantages you have over someone who may be playing Blackjack at a land based casino.

  • Limited chances for dealer error. When you play land-based Blackjack, there is always a chance that even the best dealer may make a mistake either while dealing out cards or while calculating score. When you are playing online Blackjack this error is negated mainly because the computer does not allow for any error or fraud to be possible.
  • Play wherever you are: When you play Blackjack online, you can literally play it from wherever you may be, whether that is your bedroom or your office. You don’t have to worry about making time just for a trip to the closest casino, nor do you have to make the time to get all of your travel bookings arranged just to enjoy a quiet game of Blackjack.
  • Higher jackpots. Online casinos do not have to suffer a lot of the overhead expenses that a land-based casino has to go through, mainly because they do not function out of an expensive brick and mortar building. Therefore, they have lesser overall expenses and can pass on the benefit directly to the players. You’ll therefore find that there are bigger jackpots available and better promotions and bonuses that you can enjoy as a player of online Blackjack.

Furthermore, there are several useful tips to play online Blackjack game which can help you master this online casino table game.

Playing Land-based Blackjack

While playing online Blackjack may seem like the best things ever, given the advantages listed above, there’s also a lot to be hailed about playing land-based Blackjack.

  • The whole experience. A lot of people love the thrill of the casino, the feel of the cards and the luxury of playing inside a land-based casino. This is an experience that online players miss out on, even though they can still enjoy being treated like a VIP through the VIP program of online casinos.
  • A new venue. Getting out of the house to be in a new place is always exhilarating. When you get to a land based casino, you can take in the ambience, see new people around you, enjoy the sights and smells of a new town or city and enjoy yourself – maybe even take a mini vacation. Online players get to play from wherever they are on the other hand, so maybe you can take your casino app with you when you are on your next holiday so that you are still experiencing a new place even if it’s not a new land based casino!

As you can see, playing online Blackjack is better as there is less chance of dealer making the error, it can played anywhere, anytime and chances of grabbing higher jackpots. Several online Blackjack strategies to win these jackpots are available.