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How Fibonacci System Works in Online Baccarat?

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The online Baccarat Fibonacci system is one of the numerous Baccarat strategies that enable to play the game with better odds of winning it. The Fibonacci strategy is quite popular with the players of Roulette. This strategy can be applied to any of the games that have an even bet. The main idea behind this strategy has to do with the Fibonacci sequence which goes like 1-1-2-3-5-8-13 and so on. Here, every number is a sum of the two preceding numbers.

How Does Online Baccarat Fibonacci System Work?

Fibonacci System in Online Baccarat Explained

According to the Fibonacci sequence that starts with 1, the player also bets one unit of money. The player can choose any amount of money representing one unit but generally, it is not kept more than 1% of the total amount that you have set aside for this game. If you lose this bet, you proceed with the next number in the sequence (i.e. 1) and again bet one unit. If you lose again, you now bet two units. You keep on moving further in the sequence until the time you keep on losing.

What Happens When You Win?

In case you win your first bet of one unit in online Baccarat Fibonacci system, you start the sequence all over again and bet one unit. In case you win a bet further along the sequence, you go two places back in the sequence and bet that amount of money. For example, you bet 5 units and win, you go back two places (i.e. 2) and now bet 2 units. If you win it again, you go two places back to 1 and bet one unit.

Advantages of Online Baccarat Fibonacci System

Whenever you play with any kind of betting system, you are relatively cool-headed because you know you are following a pattern of bets. Thereby, the level of concentration with which you can play the game can be significantly enhanced. This way, you won’t be vulnerable to give in to your emotion that easily. Moreover, since this is a linear betting system, it is quite less aggressive as compared to Martingale system and limits your losses.

Disadvantages of Online Baccarat Fibonacci System

This betting system, which is more suited to be used in real life casinos, can be used to play short online sessions of Baccarat. However, like all the other betting systems, this one is also not a sure shot path to a winning game. This is because of the house edge that always remains in the picture. And it makes sense too. If there was no house edge, it would mean no profit for casinos and nobody runs a losing business and when it comes to casinos, not at all.