19 Jan

How Leprechauns are a Lucky Charm?

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Leprechauns, or the little green men, have always been a part of Irish folklore. They have been accredited with having magical powers, having access to treasure that they are said to find at the end of the rainbow, and are also known to be very elusive. It’s no wonder then that there are several Irish mobile slots games that are themed around them. Here are some fun facts about leprechauns that you may not have known before.

  • The word ‘Leprechaun’ literally translates to small body. It comes from the Middle Irish and is used to describe these wee folk.
  • Leprechauns are mostly male: Leprechauns are said to be a form of fairies, who are exclusively male. They are said to have inhabited Ireland well before humans came along. They’re also said to be very mischievous and not that friendly.
  • Someone spotted a Leprechaun colony outside Ireland: In Portland, Oregon, a journalist decided that he found a leprechaun digging himself a park in what was supposed to be a hole dug up for a lamp post. The journalist then went on to chronicle his varied ‘observations’ in his column. This made the spot so popular that it was officially declared a park and to this day exists as the Mill Ends Park.
  • Their primary vocation is shoemaking: Leprechauns are said to mainly be involved in the shoemaking trade. That’s why they are said to be identified by the tap-tapping of their shoe hammer. Apparently they make a lot of money this way, since that’s how they are purported to come by their pots of gold.
  • If you find them, don’t lose sight of them: Leprechauns are devious little creatures that are always guarding their treasure well. So if you do manage to catch one, never let it out of your sight, or it will trick you out of getting your mitts on their gold. On the other hand, if you show them an act of kindness, they may just reward you with more riches than you know what to do with.
  • There are laws protecting leprechauns: Yes, you read that right. Under European law, leprechauns residing in Carlington Mountain are protected – along with the rest of the flora and fauna in that region. How’s that for protecting biodiversity while respecting the sentiments of the locals?! There’s also a tradition of hunting down leprechauns – fake leprechauns – that are hidden in these mountains every year.

Leprechauns in Mobile Slots Games

There are plenty of mobile slots games that have leprechauns as their theme. If you love leprechauns, try mobile slots games like Irish Eyes or Irish Eyes 2, in which you get to join in a leprechaun’s search for his pot of gold. These mobile slots games also offer a lot to players who are looking for great bonuses and plenty of winnings, so you can play them and hopefully some of that luck o’ the Irish will rub off on you!