14 Apr

No Hop, Jump, Skip in Money Marathon

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Are you ready to run a marathon at the Jackpot Mobile Casino Ireland casino this month? Well, tie up your laces and get ready to run for cash with the Money Marathon promotion that is being held just for you. Read on to find out more about this great promotion and what you stand to win when you play with us!

What is Money Marathon Promotion?

This promotion is a great new way for you to load up on cash if you are lucky! There’s a leaderboard on which your name will appear during the time of the promotion and if you are the lucky winner, you can walk away with €2,500 at the end of the promotion period!

No Hop, Jump, Skip in Money Marathon

When is the Promotion?

Here are the dates you need to look out for when the mini leaderboard will be out for the Money Marathon promotion:

14th April 00:00 to 17th April 23:59

18th April 00:00 to 20th April 23:59

21st April 00:00 to 23rd April 23:59

24th April 00:00 to 27th April 23:59

The leaderboard ends by 27th April, and on this date three winners will be declared at the top of the leaderboard, who will share €1,500 in hard cash. Winners of each of these mini leader boards will win €250 in cash, so that will be over and above your winning the main leaderboard.

How Does the Money Marathon Promotion Work?

Through the promotion, you can win one point for every €10 that you bet on any game during the promotion period, and that gives you a chance to feature on the leaderboard. While there is a main leaderboard that ends by April 27th after which three winners are declared to share the main prize, there’s also a mini leaderboard every couple of days, as mentioned above. The first prize is €1,000 in cash, the second prize is €300 in cash and the third prize is €200 in cash.

Terms and Conditions

The Money Marathon promotion is valid from midnight of April 14th until 23:59 on April 27th. You can keep a close eye on the main leaderboard at any time on the following link: http://www.nektancasino.com/money-marathon/leaderboard. You can win one point for every €10 that you bet on any of the games on the casino, so you need to make sure that you place a minimum wager of €10. Every winner of the mini leaderboard can win €250 in cash. The cash prizes will be credited to the winner’s account up to 72 hours after the promotion has ended, after which the cash is valid for collection for 30 days.

What are you waiting for? Climb that leaderboard on Money Marathon promotion and win great cash prizes