13 Jun

Know Facts of the Queen on Queen’s Birthday Celebrations Street Party

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On 11th June 2016, Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating her royal birthday. The Queen’s birthday celebrations street party is what Jackpot Mobile Casino will be hosting to honour the royal family on such a happy day! But the party here at Jackpot Mobile Casino will definitely last longer than the Royal Ball, stretching from 9th to 15th June 2016.

Before we Hop into Queen’s Birthday Celebrations Street Party, Let Us Know More About Her Royal Highness!

On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday, we bring to you some fascinating facts about her that you probably had no clue about!

  1. 1. No Passport for her!

That’s true, Queen does not hold a passport, nor does she require one. Her highness can move across borders as she wishes to! After all, the British passports are issued in her name.

  1. 2. She speaks French!

The Queen is very fluent in the French language, and has been recorded many times conversing with the French officials.

  1. 3. She can change tyres!

Yes! The Queen was a mechanic in the army base in 1945. Now, here’s a Queen who can change tyres and spark plugs.

  1. 4. She has a vast fish collection!

No, there is no secret aquarium in the palace. Legally, the Queen owns the unmarked whales, swans, porpoises, dolphins, and sturgeons.

  1. 5. She accessed email much before us!

Do not let the age fool you. The first mail was sent in 1976 from an army base by our very own Queen!

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