22 Aug

A Complete Guide on Boku

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Boku, a new method to deposit money at your favourite online casino is now available. There have been lot of studies to know if it is any good. Here is a detailed guide for using this new virtual payment method.

What is Boku?

A Complete Guide on Boku

It is a payment method which can be used to make a deposit not only at an online casino but also at several other affiliate websites/stores. It uses the direct carrier billing technology and all the payments are billed through your mobile phone carrier. In the case of a pay-as-you-go plan, the amount is deducted from your phone credit and in the case of a monthly plan, the charge gets included in your monthly bill.

Is It Easy To Use?

The process to deposit money is quite simple. If you are a first time user, all you need to do is enter your phone number after selecting the Boku option. Once you specify the amount to pay, it is automatically billed through your service provider. Moreover, for all future payments, this method stores your mobile phone number and you just need to enter the amount from next time onwards.

Can I Transfer Any Amount?

No, that is not possible. There is a daily limit on transactions. You can only transfer up to €30 daily. Yes, it is quite less for serious players who play with high budgets, but that’s what it is.

How is Boku Better Than Other Methods?

Transferring money is only a matter of a couple of clicks. You do not require a credit card to send money online. Even if you already have a credit/bank card, you need not share the details online if you don’t want to.

Do I Need To Know Something Before Using It?

As we mentioned earlier, there is a cap of €30 on the daily transaction limit which is not at all desirable for big stake players. Additionally, you cannot transfer money from your winnings back into your account through Boku. For that, you’ll have to set up an alternative payment method. Furthermore, most of the online casinos will forfeit your welcome bonus if you pay your first deposit via this method. So, if you really want to try it, you may want to do it the second time you make a deposit on the same online casino. And lastly, do not forget to check whether your mobile operator supports such payments.

Is It Time To Use Boku?

Certainly, this method is going to be one of the most popular methods once the world knows about its existence. Even though it is already associated with major network operators, yet it is trying hard to affiliate with all the other mobile network providers too. The simplicity to use it definitely makes it the payment method of choice. You can now be stress-free while making deposits online without worrying about cyber credit card frauds. The daily transaction limit welcomes the safe players for sure and prevents it against any misuse.