25 Feb

Climb your way to Bonuses!

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If you are excited about casino bonuses, you should really check out the Cash Climber bonus offered by Jackpot Mobile Casino Ireland. Here’s a bonus that certainly got us excited, especially since it means that you can earn even more cash payouts with your wager!

What is the Cash Climber Bonus?

With this bonus, you get an extra point for every €10 that you bet on any of the slot games that you play at Jackpot Mobile Casino Ireland. This means that the more slot games you play at the casino, the more money you can win!

How Much Can I Win with the Cash Climber bonus?

\With this bonus, you get one extra point for every €10 that you wager on the Jackpot Mobile Casino Ireland slot games. You can check how much you have made using the leader board that is available throughout the week of the promotion, here: http://www.nektancasino.com/cash-climber-leaderboard.

The first prize winner gets €500 in cash, the second prize winner gets €250 in cash, the third prize winner gets €125 in cash, the fourth prize winner gets €75 in cash and the fifth prize winner gets €50 in cash. There is a jackpot of €1,000 that is up for grabs for players to win using this bonus during the promotion period, so you should really go check it out!


When is the Cash Climber Bonus Available?

The Cash Climber bonus will be available on Jackpot Mobile Casino Ireland slots games starting at midnight on 25th February, until 11.59pm on 2nd March. The cash prizes may take up to 72 hours to appear in your account once the promotion period has ended.

If you win, you will be notified by the casino operator within 72 hours after the promotion period has concluded. Winners of these cash prizes can claim it up to 30 days after they have been notified of their having won.

Is it Really that Simple?

Yes! It is really that simple! All you need to do is to play lots and lots of slot games with a minimum deposit and wager of €10 on each slot game that you play, and let the bonus do the rest! Remember, you need to be a valid account holder to claim this bonus, so sign up on the Jackpot Mobile Casino Ireland site today. Since this is a limited time promotion, you will need to hurry to get that prize!