29 Feb

Can Strategies Work for Slot Games?

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A lot of players seem to believe that, just like with Blackjack and Roulette, there has to be a strategy to make money off online casino slots. A lot of players have also tried these strategies, to varying degrees of success. Here, we take a look at how you can best use strategies for your online casino slots.

Strategies in Online Casino Slots

  • Play slot games that have a low jackpot. While this may seem like an obvious no-no, a smaller jackpot simply means that you have more chances to win it. Try games with a lower jackpot and then use your winnings to play bigger jackpot games. There are always bigger fish to fry, and there’s plenty of time to conquer them all.
  • Walk away from progressive jackpots. This is similar to the strategy above, but playing a progressive jackpot basically means you are playing with a huge number of players. This severely lowers your chances of getting lucky, simply because there are so many players vying for the same jackpot. It is therefore, the best option is, you play a smaller jackpot on a non progressive slot game.
  • Look for games with a high RTP. The RTP ratio of a slot is the return to player percentage; a measure of how many times the slot is likely to give payouts to a player. Aim for online casino slots that have an RTP greater than 96%, so that you have better odds of actually winning something.
  • Use promotions and bonuses. Every casino offers bonuses and promotions for both new players as well as existing players. Use any available bonuses and promotions so that you can have a chance to win with your online casino slots, even as you spend less on your wager. Some casinos even offer you bonuses that match your wager; these are perfect for when you need to raise your wager, but do not want to spend too much on it.
  • Play low variance slots. While a high variance slot may get your adrenaline rushing and make you feel excited with its big winning possibilities, the reality is, it also means you stand to lose a considerable amount of money. Instead, you can play low variance slots that have a lower denomination that you can start playing with. Try for the lowest penny slots that you can find so that you can lose less on each game.