23 May

Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Cards – Which One Would You Choose?

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Making your deposit may seem like a fun idea, but with all of the payment options that are available to you, which one should you choose to make your deposit?! You can use our quick guide here to help you decide which mobile casino payment option you can use the next time you decide to gamble online.

Check These before Making A Mobile Casino Payment

  • Availability: When you want to make a mobile casino payment, you want to make sure that your preferred payment method is available for you to use at all times so that you are not left in the lurch. With the bank transfer method, you may find that not all casinos prefer to offer this method for you to both deposit and withdraw money. You may be lucky enough to get the option for one or either of them, but not for both. That’s why the credit / debit card method is preferred as you are bound to find it as an option for payment or withdraw at every single online casino that is worth its salt.
  • Safety: Online safety while making a mobile casino payment should be your primary concern, bypassing even the ease of making a payment. If you choose to use direct bank transfer, there is a higher level of safety given the fact that you have to input bank details that are not stored on the casino’s servers and which only you know. In comparison, if you use a credit/debit card to make your payment you will find it more difficult since all of the details are on the card and these can even be stored on the site for faster checkout. This makes it easier for hackers to get your information so it is not a very secure way for you to proceed.
  • Speed: Everyone knows that a bank transfer takes days to process due to the multiple layers of security involved in it. You will need to wait around five days for a bank transfer to be complete, or less if you have already named the casino as a benefactor, and you will also have to pay fees involved to have the transaction completed successfully. With a credit/debit card, you can make the payment instantly as long as you have provided all the details in the process and you can continue gambling in no time at all.

When you compare the two, using either of the mobile casino payment methods – either the bank transfer or the credit/debit card is easy. You can see which of these methods you are more comfortable with given our comparative list above the next time you gamble.