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8 Incredible Facts about Dracula you might not know

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Few classic horror characters over the years have invoked as much intrigue, admiration and fear as Bram Stoker’s Dracula has. Dracula is the result of a work of fiction, making his first appearance as a vampire Count in the 1897 novel of the same name. Since then, Dracula has been featured in pop culture, movies and even Dracula slots.

1. One of the most recurring characters in horror movies: Since the inception of Count Dracula in 1897, there have been over 200 movies made about him and over 1000 novels written about him, second only to Sherlock Holmes. No wonder there are so many Dracula slots about him as well!

2. The character was inspired by a real life Prince: It is believed that Bram Stoker based the Dracula character on the real life Wallachian Prince, who was known as Vlad the Impaler. Vlad III was known for having tortured and killed up to 100,000 people, which is why he was given this nickname

3. The character was also based on a real life actor named Henry Irving: To set Dracula apart from the other mindless monsters of the era, Stoker decided to give him a charming  demeanour. He based his behaviour on that of Henry Irving, who was an actor at that time. It is believed that Bram Stoker wished Henry Irving to play Dracula on stage, but that never took place.

4. The character is derived from other vampire stories: The first vampire story ever written was that of Carmilla, 26 years before Stoker’s novel, written by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. There’s also a book called Varney the Vampire written in 1847 by James Malcolm Rymer.

5. Dracula was initially not very popular: Dracula never enjoyed popularity during Bram Stoker’s lifetime. It was only after a movie was based on the book in 1931, that the character gained fame and made the novel hugely popular among people.

6. The 1931 movie is a cult classic: The 1931 movie about Dracula was directed by Tod Browning and starred Bela Lugosi. The movie is now a cult classic and is even preserved by the National Film Registry.

7. Dracula despises how humans don’t give in to their dark side: Dracula is charming and speaks impeccable English. He also is well versed in alchemy and magic. And he hates human beings who do not give in to their dark side. But I’m sure he’ll like you for playing Dracula slots.

8. Transylvania is thought to be his home: Thanks to the novel, which was based in Transylvania, this place is now thought to be the home of Dracula.

8 Incredible Facts about Dracula

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